Weekly Intergrated CHinese CLass

Most children age 5-6 have a good memory capacity. Coupled with ample guidance for UNDERSTANDING, HLS aims to eliminate future troubles hindering his Chinese learning process at a young age.

Through our weekly 1.5 hour lessons, your child:

  • masters the correct stroke sequence – through this process, we will cultivate in him the patience to go slow and steady, which will pave the initial path to fast and confident writing of Chinese characters.
  • explores and understands the essence of individual Chinese characters – through understanding, it opens the window for interest and curiosity, thus internalizing his understanding to become part of his own mental map.
  • learns Han Yu Pin Yin- through the process, his concentration will be nurtured and he could spell out the HYPY of any Chinese character without the need to memorise.
  • develops the ability to communicate- through various classroom activities, he will be encouraged to speak in full sentences, developing in him an instinctive understanding of the Chinese language.

HLS’s Integrated Chinese Class aims to develop your child’s interest in the language from a young age. Our classroom style is interactive, lively yet orderly, your child could comfortably enjoy himself in the learning process. This class will lay a solid foundation for him. He will be confident and motivated to start his Primary School Chinese lessons.

6 years of Primary school Chinese learning process is not an easy feat for any child. Without the right methods, your child will be suffering.

Character recognition lays his initial foundation. HLS’s systematic and original Word-Riddles guided way is here to enhance your child’s impression and UNDERSTANDING of individual Chinese characters.

We will also guide your child to acquire the right reading habits and develop the ability to think creatively, comprehensively and critically.

*Comprehension and oral components are included in almost all the lessons. Composition lessons are conducted once in every four lessons for P3 level and beyond.

HLS aim to increase your child’s critical and comprehensive thinking abilities. Through any text encountered in the comprehension or cloze passage, HLS will guide him to proceed from the surface to what lies beyond – understanding the underlying lines of thinking. Then he will be guided to compare different lines of thinking and apply them to his writings.

On top of this, HLS will use the structure of the Chinese characters itself to aid your child to UNDERSTAND thus differentiating the subtle meaning between seemingly alike words found in the cloze passage (综合填空).

We enhance your child’s creativity and thinking abilities further through composition writing, related topic discussions and role-playing. Our teacher serves as the mentor, guiding your child to think actively and be daring to voice out his opinions in class.

Chinese is interesting to those who has the ability to see it. Test your child (it doesn't matter if he is studying in primary or secondary school) whether he could see the fun part found in this normal exercise.

If he doesn't seem to grasp the main points depicted in the picture above (click on the post for explanations), then some of the problems below may seem familiar to you:

"My child is good at Han Yu Pin Yin, but relies on it to read Chinese. School teachers suggest that I find a tuition for him."
Concerned Parent of a P1 boy
"My girl scores okay for Paper 2, but her composition pulled her grades down. I need a special Composition class to help her out."
Upset Mother of a P3 girl
"Nowadays, answers for the last 2 questions of the comprehension can't be copied directly from the passage. Majority of her marks are lost there."
Worried Parent of a P4 girl

Does any of These problems sound familiar to you?

"Previously, his compositions were just simple descriptions of the pictures. Heeding the advice of his Chinese teacher to memorize good phrases, now I see chunks of good sentences in his composition which don't really suit the context!
Stressful Parent of a P4 boy
"With the new changes to the oral format, my son has difficulty discussing about the topic asked during the oral exams."
Troubled Parent of a P5 boy
"My child's Chinese results is declining, from 99 in P1, till 51 in P5. He is having tuition all along! What's wrong?"
Stressful Parents of a P5 child

The problems may seem daunting, but let's stay calm and just ask 1 important question:

"What abilities do these children lack in, that caused those problems to arise?"

  • Ability to recognize Chinese characters
  • Ability to comprehen the exact meaning of a text
  • Ability to form correct Chinese sentences in his mind
  • Ability to communicate effectively using Chinese
  • Ability to analysis, summarize and conclude
  • Logical thinking skills

There are a few recent abilities that are required of your child:

  • Ability to think critically
  • Ability to apply what you have learnt in an unfamiliar context

The above 2 abilities are based on these:

MOE is heading towards an application-based learning rather than content-learning. This applies to all subjects including Chinese.

2016 PSLE Chinese Paper 2: 3 out of 5 Comprehension questions can’t be copied directly.

2016 & 2017 PSLE Chinese Paper 1: Not enough information provided in the picture Composition. Your child need to think of a viable story line to score.


“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”

Our weekly lessons are learning-based interactive teaching. Part of the lessons are designed in such a way that every passage we come across, students will be asked questions that are unable to be copied directly. Based on their answers, we will guide them step by step, filling up the line of thinking and concepts that they may be lacking in along the way. Our teacher always provide guidance and direction, but not the final answer. 

The objective of this class is ALL about understanding, generating awareness of different lines of thinking and improving abilities.

Find out more through our students' words

If you view independent thinking just as important as word recognition and wish to improve your child's abilities, Hao Lao Shi Education Centre is the centre for you.