I am Ye Lao Shi, founder and mentor at Hao Lao Shi Education Centre.

24 years ago, I have started to embark on a journey to uncover the problems faced by children in different phases of their Chinese learning process. Year after year, I am seeking solutions to those age-old and new-found problems.

My original 活精灵 methodology has helped more than 2000 over students not only in word recognition, but also in thinking comprehensively, creatively and critically.

In addition to benefiting students in their academics, my methododology exposes them to new ways of thinking and helps build their mental maps for the future.

You may like find out more about me through the following video as I recount how I started 24 years back......Follow me on my Chinese teaching journey to discover and explore the problems your child faced.

I will be conducting a series of seminars sharing with parents my opinion and take on the Chinese education system in Singapore and how you could combat these changes and prepare your child for the future.

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