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Even if your child is currently having a Chinese tuition right now, he is welcomed to try out a lesson with us. After which he will be able to compare for himself based on his different experiences.

Your call to us now will be your first step towards opening a new window for your child. Don’t leave any regrets.

Chinese Teacher Recruitment 招聘华文教师
Responsibility and Remuneration 职责与待遇

- Passionate to undertake Chinese teaching as a career. 热爱华文教学工作。
- Familiar with local Primary and Secondary Chinese contents. 熟悉新加坡中小学教学内容。
- Have at least 2 years of Chinese teaching experiences (experiences with teaching secondary school levels will be given priority). 至少两年华文教学经验,具有教中学能力者优先考虑。
- Able to communicate and interact effectively with students and parents. 具有较强的与孩子和家长沟通的能力。
- Have the creativity to explore new teaching methods and the courage to take on challenges. 勇于接受挑战,教学上富有创新精神。
- No ceiling for monthly salary, paid based on the amount of lessons taught. 教师薪金按多劳多得,上不封顶方式付酬劳。

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