Holiday Character Recognition Class


Ask him the meaning of the individual characters. Could he tell you the meaning of “干” and “净”?

If your child doesn’t understand the meaning of each individual Chinese character, then that is the beginning of all the TROUBLES he would be encountering in his 6 years of Primary school education and beyond. Character recognition is not just READING out the characters, but understanding its precise meaning/s.

Unfortunately, this is the crucial step that is lacking in their learning process.

Do some of the troubles below seem familiar to you?

Doesn't understand the comprehension passage

Doesn't understand the meaning of the cloze passage

Can't read the Chinese oral passage

Don't know how to write a lot of words for composition

Simply hates the Chinese language

Then How?

HLS’s original 字谜法 (Word-Riddle Method) addresses Character recognition issues.

The gist of it: associating the current structure of a single Chinese character with its meaning using a concise riddle. Who doesn’t love guessing riddles? Through the process, our teachers will provide a clear link of its structure to the meaning.

THE BEST PART IS: each character is impressed in your child’s brain through UNDERSTANDING, NOT by memorising.

This is an intensive value-added class that not only addresses character recognition issues, but also aims to improve comprehension skills, build on a natural expansion of vocabularies, improve oral expression, develop ideas for composition and become aware of the different lines of thinking, which will pave the way to achieve independent thinking.

For students age 7 and above. Your child will be arranged into a group that matched his current Chinese standard.

Holiday is a great time to catch-up. This intensive class is only conducted during the June and December holidays from Monday to Friday 4.30-6PM. Each lesson’s duration is one and a half hours.


Character Recognition

Develop an understanding of the individual Chinese characters using our word riddles.

Expansion of Vocabularies

Attain a natural expansion and understanding of the vocabularies/ idioms stem from a single character.

Oral Expression

As the idea provider for our next day materials, your child will have ample opportunities to voice out his ideas and opinions in class.

Comprehension Skills

Step-by-step guidance in accordance with your child's understanding, training him to think logically, analytically and comprehensively.

Developing Ideas for Composition

Inspiring your child to think comprehensively and creatively, learning to form logical and coherent stories.

Aware of Different Lines of Thinking

Gaining awareness of the underlying lines of thinking will aid your child to build his mental maps in the long run.

Timing for Lower and Upper Primary students is from Monday to Friday 4.30-6PM.

*Lessons will be conducted in different classrooms.

There will be a total of 20 lessons this holiday.

Different content will be taught for each of the 20 lessons.

Your child could opt for partial or ALL 20 lessons depending on his schedule.

BUT we recommend students to AT LEAST attend a week’s lessons in a row to facilitate better understanding.

Colour code explanations: Blue-lessons to be conducted; Red-no lessons.

It will be a pity if your child equates learning Chinese with memorising and doing practices. Give him a chance this holiday to appreciate the essence of Chinese characters, grow an interest, improve his abilities and be happier.