Hao Lao Shi Education Centre was previously named Hao Lao Shi Tuition Centre, BUT tuition is merely about delivering contents. We have always been doing far more than that.

A Career Not Only To Nurture Students But Also Ourselves

Lead by Ye Lao Shi, we are a group of passionate educators who care very much about our children’s and nation’s future. We see education as our full-time career - a career not only to nurture students but also ourselves.

Every lesson to us is a precious opportunity to understand and interact with students, thus gaining valuable experiences along the way. Every teacher is willing and happily reflecting anytime, anywhere, seeking improvements to existing methods and fueling creativity to pave new ways.

What sets our centre apart from the rest is our fine level of understanding of the problems and difficulties students faced in different phases of learning.

After 27 years of researching, we at Hao Lao Shi have a comprehensive awareness and understanding of the various problems students faced, therefore coming up with detailed solutions to eliminate those problems before it escalates into a real issue.

We are out to discover new problems, persistently seeking to create new solutions, aiding your child to conquer the challenges he faced with confidence. We strive to do our best and live up to our name - HAO LAO SHI.


Assist children to develop an interest towards Chinese, improve their standard and use Chinese as a medium to grow their mental maps.


Bring forth revolutionary ideas and concepts to the current Chinese education scene in Singapore.


Always be kind but practical, able to achieve self-reflection anytime, anywhere.

Why Choose Us

听说读写 are NOT what they seem on the surface. They are all coupled with the abilities to think critically, creatively and comprehensively. At Hao Lao Shi, we always provide step-by-step guidance to difficult problems based on the students’ current level of understanding, thus improving your child’s understanding exponentially to attain his required level with ease.

See the real purpose of learning Chinese

Exams are just short-term goals, but unfortunately in Singapore, it’s almost everything to a child. Hao Lao Shi sees Chinese as a language medium used to convey thoughts and ideas, thus we design flexible activities not only to meet the needs of school but to open up your child's mind to think creatively, comprehensively and critically.

Experience the real essence of Chinese through practical ways

The ability to manipulate symbols has been the most important skills to master. In the case of Chinese, it’s the Chinese characters. Without ample understanding, your child will experience no fun and joy in memorising and non-stop copying. In contrast, we associate the meaning of each Chinese character with its current simplified form through our unique Word-Riddle. Understanding the link is the crucial step in mastering the essence of Chinese.

Grow a mental map

Thought, as the main cause for any behaviour, is coordinated by brain nerve cells. However, some region of cells need to be activated externally, moreover, connections between different regions are not automatically set up. We aim to create an awareness on the multiple lines of thinking. This awareness is the initial process for the brain cells’ activation and connection. This paves the way to develop your child's independent thinking of his own.


Using flexible teaching methods; training flexible thinking


Using concise word-riddles to teach individual Chinese characters; training concise speech


Training an agile mind to analyse any text or deal with all sorts of situations