A Chinese class like never before

NO memorising! NO Copying! 100% Understanding!

Non Practice Paper Based

We don’t want to nurture your child into a machine who only knows how to do questions after questions.

Practical In Our Approach

Everyone knows how to talk about principles and values, BUT we guide students to apply them to real-life scenarios.

Learning Through Mistakes

We create an environment to protect the curiosity of all students. Everyone is here to learn and improve. This include us teachers as well.

It’s ALL About Understanding

Your child never has to memorise anything. At HLS, everything is built on naturally through various fun activities.

THe Guided Thought Process is Valued More Than The Final Answer

Often, when a “wrong” answer is voiced, the right answer will be provided by the teacher with minimal explanations. If your child still has some immunity against this, he will be silently screaming “Why is my answer not accepted?” At HLS, we will eliminate his query through various guided thought processes to derive at the final answer naturally.

Our Approach

Our Ways

Your Child's Long-Term Benefit

Interactive Yet Orderly

Thoughts are frequently conveyed in the classroom. Even if your child is extrovert, he will benefit from the thought exchange process. HLS's good classroom management is the key to high efficiency.

Activities Serve Their Purpose

Don't worry! We have clear goals of what each classroom activity is going to achieve. Your child will not be carried away by the formality to focus on their real meaning.

A Systematic WORD-RIDDLE Guided Way Of Recognizing Characters

Understand the meaning of individual Chinese characters through its unique simplified forms to stimulate accurate understanding.

Your Child Is Encouraged To Ask

The Chinese equivalent of knowledge is 学问, which literally means learning how to ask. It's vital for knowledge acquisition.

Your Child Is Encouraged To Question

At HLS, speaking out on what you think may be wrong is applauded. This questioning process is essentially the first step towards developing independent thinking.

Why Choose Us

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

-Albert Einstein

Every child has his own characteristics and unique way of absorbing information. We seek to nurture every child into a useful person.

You don’t need to be a leader to be great. You could be contributing to the society in your own ways. The ability to self-reflect upon all the daily happenings, analyse problems, solve them, has the eyes to see, heart to feel the good and beauty around you, stay positive and happy.

That’s what we hope would remain after our students has forgotten all that he has learnt at HLS.

Of course, these are the additional bonuses your child will achieve in our Chinese classes. We understand your concerns. "Then how are you going to improve my child’s standard? I am looking for IMPROVEMENTS AND RESULTS!!!"

Don’t worry, 25 years ago, our founder Teacher Ye has already embarked on a journey to uncover the problems faced by children in their different phases of the Chinese learning process. Year after year, she is seeking solutions to those age-old and new-found problems.

Throughout the years, she is constantly putting her methods into practice in our Chinese classes, reflecting upon herself and perfecting her methodologies.

-Albert Einstein


Using flexible teaching methods; training flexible thinking


Using concise word-riddles to teach individual Chinese characters; training concise speech


Training an agile mind to analyse any text or deal with all sorts of situations

What Our Students Say


Questions & Answers

Our lessons are not only designed to cover the school’s syllabus, but expand right above it. The expansion is a natural process to aid your child to achieve  better understanding of the school syllabus. Even if your child is weak in the subject, he will benefit from the expansions.

Our lessons are teaching-based and student-oriented. You could find out more in our students’ testimonial videos found in our Integrated Chinese Class and the Character Recognition Class.

First, we need to access his standard and know the exact problems before any comments. However, based on our experiences, our word-riddle solution will be helpful. This method is incorporated into all our classes, which includes the Integrated Chinese Class and the Character Recognition Class.

As the old saying goes: INTEREST IS THE BEST TEACHER. If he has been viewing Chinese as a chore (burdened by spelling and endless homework that he may not even understand), he is definitely going to hate Chinese. Maybe it’s really time to make a change and expose him to an entirely new way of learning.

Well, no one will ever know if your child has not experienced it personally. You could always arrange to attend a paid trial class with us. After the lesson, ask your child whether he likes our class and could he learn anything out of the lesson. Communicate with our teacher who will discuss with you the problems he faced and provide our solutions. You could then decide from there.